The Impact of Recent Immigration on the Australian Workforce

Bob Birrell and Ernest Healy
February 2013

The main finding is that the number of migrants arriving in Australia since the beginning of 2011 who found jobs is equivalent to the total number of new jobs created in Australia over the same period. This has had a harmful impact on the level of employment, participation in the labour market and the working conditions of other Australians, particularly young people.


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An End to Housing Affordability in Melbourne?

Bob Birrell, Ernest Healy, Virginia Rapson and T. Fred Smith – July 2012 This study explains why housing prices are amongst the highest in the world and why this has occurred despite the Melbourne 2030 compact city policy planning initiatives. Melbourne 2030 has failed because developers cannot build medium density apartments at an affordable price…

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The 2012-13 immigration program: record numbers, city-bound

The Australian Government is running a record-high migration program, which it intends to increase in 2012–13. The justification is that the program is delivering migrants with scarce skills needed in the resources industries. However, none of the skilled permanent entry or temporary visa categories targets such migrants. Employers can sponsor migrants regardless of the industry…

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